How to Create QR Code for Free

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How to Create QR Code for Free

Simply put, QR Codes are two-dimensional codes that are used to store all sorts of information. These codes have grown in popularity over the years and one of the things that have attributed to this is their flexibility.QR Codes are also the latest in the world of mobile marketing. Reason being, these codes can be scanned using smartphones that have code scanning apps installed in them. This means that anyone who owns or has access to a mobile phone is able to decode a QR Code.For business owners,QR Codes are cheap and easy ways to access a larger audience via their mobile phones and this, if it works out well, can translate to an increase in the business’ bottom line.

How to create QR code for free – What took them so long to become popular?

While these two-dimensional codes have grown in popularity, it was quite different when they were first created.They were created by a Japanese Toyota subsidiary that goes by the name Denso-Wave. As such, they were only used in the manufacturing industry to track automobile parts during assembly.Many years later, they have evolved to what we have today; awesome internet marketing tools. These codes are also more affordable and accessible to anyone.

How to create QR Code for Free

As mentioned, QR Codes are flexible and in more than one way. Anyone can create them and also use them. Their creation is easy as all you need is:

  • A Smartphone
  • A reliable QR Code generator like visualead
  • Information to embed in the QR Code

The good thing is that, you have the freedom to use any information you want.When you browse through the internet, you will realize that there are many free QR Code generators to use. Even so, choosing a generator from the hundreds available is not exactly easy. So, choose a generator that is user-friendly, fast and gives you an option of free generation. Visualead is one such generator.

Once you have identified the generator, open it and follow the steps provided to create a QR Code. If you are using visualead, you will realize that the steps are easy to follow and you are also given the opportunity to choose from twenty different QR Code types. Once you have chosen the type, you will be asked to give some information about your business or whatever it is you want to create the code for and then click on the ‘create code’ button. It is actually that easy to use a QR Code generator like Visualead.

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