How to create free QR codes

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how to create free qr codes

The revolution on quick response codes has gone from relative obscurity to widespread usage in a very short time. Quick response codes, or QR codes, came into existence in 1994. Originally, these codes were used in Japanese car manufacturing companies as a technology for tracking car parts inventory. Many years later, these codes can be seen on anything and everything in any part of the world. QR codes are mostly used for advertising and marketing. They are seen as an easy way for consumers to learn more about their favorite brands through redirections.Working with a QR code is quite easy for the consumer too. All it takes is focusing the QR code to a QR code scanner enabled smartphone to know what a QR code carries. The information in a QR code is displayed on the screen of the smartphone after the scanning process completes.

In a way, a QR code is an upgraded version of a normal barcode. While barcodes are 1d, QR codes are 2d. The main difference between the two is the amount of info each can carry. 1d barcodes can only carry info in one direction and can only carry info enough to identify products in checkouts. On the other hand, a QR code can carry info horizontally and vertically and can carry enough data to redirects to websites.

How to create free QR codes – about using QR codes for business

Most people only know how to scan QR codes to get the information embedded in them. However, have you ever considered using these codes in your own business? There is no better way to reach your clients or potential clients than with the use of QR codes. This is because, you can include any kind of information in a QR code and you can print the code on different advertising or marketing material. With a QR code, you can ensure that your clients take home information that may not be printed on a flyer, magazine, poster or gazette ad in readable form. Once they scan the code on the flyer, magazine or poster, they can get hold of the special info you would want them to have.

How to create free QR codes – Generating a QR code

You can create free QR codes using free QR code generators. These are available for free online. Free QR code generators are easy to use and some of them are actually capable of creating customized and high quality QR codes. All you need to do is find an ideal free QR code generator like visualead and follow the prompts to create the free codes.

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