How to create free QR code

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how to create free qr code

The rate at which QR codes have gone from relatively invisible to achieving worldwide fame is quite alarming.

A quick response code, commonly referred to as a QR code is a trademark for a matrix bar code type. QR codes can also be defined as two dimensional barcodes that can be used to store data about a business or brand. QR codes can be used to carry just about any kind of information; from website URLs to text messages as well as email addresses and contact information of the QR code creator among many other types of alpha numeric data; the possibilities are simply endless. QR codes were invented in the year 1994, and were originally being used to track car parts in Japanese car manufacturing plants. However, with time people have found more uses of QR codes.

How to create free QR code – Understanding QR codes

Quick response codes consist of black square modules that are arranged in a square grid placed on a white background. This can be read by an imaging device such as a smartphone camera.

QR codes can be defined as upgraded versions of the ordinary 1d barcodes that are common with product labels.

The main difference between a 1d barcode and QR code is that a QR code has the capability to store much more data that 1d barcodes can. This is because 2d barcodes store info in two directions while 1d barcodes can only store data in one direction. This is why advertisers and marketers are so keen on using QR codes for their campaigns. The fact that QR codes can store different kind of info and in bulk means that marketers can cut on the cost of hiring large ad spaces and instead focus on having most of the info in the QR code. This info is made available to the consumer upon scanning.

How to carefree QR code – the step by step guide

Creating free QR codes is quite easy especially now that there are numerous free QR code generators online. All it takes is finding an ideal free QR code generator and following the steps below to create your free QR codes.

To create a free QR code generator:

  • Go to the website where the QR code generator is hosted.
  • Choose the type of info you want to encode in the QR. This can be URL, text, sms or even email.
  • Enter the exact info in the text box provided.
  • Customize your code to suit your liking.
  • Click on ‘generate’ for the QR code to be created.
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