How to create a scan code

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how to create a scan code

By now, most people have already heard about QR codes. If you have not had the chance, QR codes are simply matrix squares that consist of black modules arranged in a white square pattern with a black background. However, customized QR codes can come in other colors, so QR codes are not only limited to black and white.

Creating your very own QR codes that can be scanned using smart devices is fun and very creative. These codes present a platform where people can share their information and interests with other people. QR codes can also be used to market websites and to get your information to other people. This is all thanks to the fact that QR codes can store any type of information. QR codes can be made to link to websites, social media sites or even to contact information. To be able to read the info in the QR code one needs to scan the code using cameras on smartphones. Most of these smartphones these days come with ready to use QR code scanners. However, one can download a QR code scanning app from their mobile phone’s app store.

How to create a scan code – Creating your QR code

Contrary to popular belief, creating QR codes is quite easy; this is thanks to the availability of easy to use QR code generators online. To create a QR code one simply has to find a reliable QR code generators, enter the info they want to include in the code and click on ‘create QR code’. The QR code will be generated and shown on the screen of your computer. Once the code is created, you need to test it before you can avail it to the public.

It is always advisable to include tips on how to download and use the best QR code scanners alongside your QR code. This is because scan codes are still relatively new to most people. By availing information on how to download and use a QR code scanner, you make it easier for your audience to use your codes. This also increases the chances of actually having your code scanned.

How to create a scan code – Ways of using scan codes

There are different ways of using scan codes:

  • Linking them to a landing page.
  • Linking them to your website or social media site.
  • Linking the codes to your contact details.
  • Linking the codes to information on your products or services.
  • Liking them to coupon codes.
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