How to create a QR code free

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how to create a qr code free

QR codes or quick response codes can be termed as some of the most powerful and also some of the most underused marketing tools available today. This is especially evident in the use of QR codes in print media. When QR codes for print are made use of appropriately, they can help bridge the gap between print and electronic marketing. Most marketers often struggle with proper use of QR codes. Quick response codes are an ideal way of driving traffic to websites, growing social media following and converting leads. The main reason most marketers fail in using QR codes is because they do not use proper methods to generate these codes. A badly made QR code will lead to a bad user experience and the QR code campaign dies even before it starts. So, what is the proper way of making QR codes?

How to create a QR code free – the guide to correctly creating QR codes

Find a QR code generator

A few years back, finding a QR code generator was a hard task to accomplish but all this has changed with the advancement in computer technology. There are numerous QR code generators available online and most of them are available for free. A good generator should allow you to track and analyze the code’s performance, it should be easy to use and should have the ability to generate codes that can be scanned using a majority, if not all types of QR code scanners.

Create your QR code for free

This is the easy and fun part of the process. You can use the QR code generator to fully customize your code. Most generators come with easy to follow instructions for use.

Avail the code

Once you have created a code that meets you needs, you need to test it and avail it to the public. Testing the code is important since this is the only way you can ensure that the code works as you want it to.

How to create a QR code free – Important factor to consider when creating a QR code for free

The most important factor to consider as you make your free QR codes is the goal you plan to achieve with the QR code. If you plan to use the codes on your business cards, you need to ensure it links to your Vcard to make it easy to share contact info. If you are using the code for sales links, make sure it links to a landing page for people to enjoy free downloads. Whatever the purpose you use the code for, ensure it is of value to your clients.

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