How to create a QR code for print

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how to create a qr code for print

In this ever developing world of technology, we now live in a culture of Xbox video games, 3D movies and the use of smart devices. This has made print media look like a boring method of communication. However, the advancements in technology have brought forth a new leash in print media. This is all thanks to quick response codes. These codes can make it possible for you to transform lifeless paper media to an exciting method of communication.

Quick response codes or QR codes are 2d barcodes that can create automatic links to text files or multi-media like audio, videos website pages and documents among other things.To gain access to the information linked to the QR code, you simply need to scan the code using a QR code scanner, these scanners can be downloaded into smartphones. Once this happens, the camera in the smartphone can be used to scan the code. You can use an android phone, iPhone or a blackberry to scan these codes.

How to create a QR code for print – Why you should use QR codes in your print media

According to statistics, at least 51% of the world’s population is using smartphones. Since QR codes can be scanned using these smartphones, it means that print media has the ability to reach to these 51% when you use QR codes in print media. If you are an author or publisher or maybe you use print media for business marketing, the use of QR codes can make your printed material literally come alive. There are a few examples through which you can incorporate QR codes in your print media.

How to create a QR for print – how to use QR codes in print media

Launching mini websites

When people are browsing through your books, marketing ads or newsletters, you can use links to mini websites in QR codes to give your audience the chance to take action immediately. You can use videos, store location pages, quizzes and even important info to create interest to scan the code.

Using video trailers

You can place QR codes in your print media and invite your audience to scan the code for interesting videos on your products or services. This is a good way of showing passion for what you are offering.

Sales of new products

When you launch a new product, it is important to make it stand out from the rest. QR codes can be a good way of driving the attention to your product. You can offer more info on the product once the code is scanned.

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