How QR code works

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how qr code works

Quick response codes or QR codes are a technology that desperately needs your attention and that of any business owner. These days, QR codes appear almost everywhere you look. From supermarkets to tombstones and even on hiking trails, this is how common these codes have become. With such wide usage of these codes, it is pretty amazing that there are so many people who are yet to fully understand what these codes are or how they work.

To start with, QR codes are 2d types of barcodes that are used for transmitting data. Mostly, these codes are used in marketing and advertising. However, they can be used for social reasons too. A QR code is a trademark that was created by a Toyota subsidiary. Its main purpose at its time of invention was to help in tracking car parts inventory in Toyota car manufacturing companies in Japan. These days, QR codes are available online in that they can be created and distributed online for free by anyone who so wishes.

How QR code works – Why QR codes are an upgraded version of barcodes

1d barcodes mostly used on consumer products in self-service stores are mechanically scanned. This means that they are read through physically bouncing lights beams on the code which in turn interprets what the code holds through the pattern of the light. Barcodes can only hold limited amount of data.

On the other hand, QR codes are 2 dimension and can hold up to 100 times more data than the ordinary barcodes. Also, QR codes can be scanned digitally. Through the help of a QR code scanning app, a smartphone’s image sensor can scan a QR code.

How QR code works – how QR codes are used

Contrary to how QR codes were used when they were first invented, the usage of these codes has expanded in leaps and bounds. As mentioned earlier, these codes are mostly used in marketing and advertising or businesses, products or brands. QR codes can still be used in tracking inventory, they are also used for shipping and logistics and even online ticketing. Businesses place these codes on flyers, posters and other advertising materials. Some businesses seven use QR codes to place google maps to their business location, redirect to web pages or to send Automatic emails or texts to anyone who scans the code.

QR codes can also be used for social reasons. People use these codes to send friendly messages to loves ones or to redirect to their social network sites where people can send friend requests.

These are just a few ways of using QR codes, the possibilities are endless.

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