How Does QR Code Work?

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How does QR Code Work

By now, you have probably come across QR codes and familiarized yourself with them. They are the little square-shaped symbols that are black and white. One of the many benefits that come with this code is that, you can create one for yourself.
Can I make a QR code without professional help?

Yes! Even if you do not have experience with codes, you can create one for yourself. It is easy; all you need to do is access a QR code generator online website like visualead. When there, you just follow the simple steps given and voila! You will have your QR code in a few minutes.

What’s more, when you have QR codes, you have the freedom to give them a personalized look, meaning you can incorporate mages and color to make it resemble your brand more. The key is to ensure that your code is scan-able. One of the easiest ways of creating personalized QR codes is by using tools such as Visualead.

How does QR code work? -What a QR code is made of

As earlier mentioned, QR codes are made of black squares on a white background. The squares are the ones that are known as modules. When creating a QR code (even when you add images and color) there are some modules that should not be edited or covered or else, people will not be able to scan it. Here is some information about QR codes modules:

  • There are three large squares you will see in the three, of the four, corners of the QR code. These large squares are the ones that help the scanners identify the code’s edges.
  • Then there is one small square (at the four corners). This is the alignment marker and is the reference point for a scanner. It makes sure that everything is aligned properly.
  • QR codes also have timing patterns which are black and white alternating modules. These are the ones that define positioning of the columns and rows.
  • Then there are sections at the borders of the bog squares that are responsible for determining the code’s format. They are the ones that will tell a scanner whether the QR code is a text, number, website, Chinese characters, URL etc.
  • Lastly, still at the borders of the big squares, there are version numbers. Basically, if a QR code has many modules then the version will be higher. If the code has smaller versions, then the versions will most probably not be defined on the QR code. Mostly because scanners have the ability to count modules and therefore determine a code’s version.
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