How Does a QR Code Work?

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How Does a QR Code Work

Even though QR codes were first created for and used in the automotive industry, their use has expanded past that industry. Some of the reasons as to why these codes have worked so much are owing to their user-friendliness and reliability. They also have a larger storage capacity as opposed to UPC barcodes.

A QR code is made up of black modules on a white background. Modules refer to the square dots you see when you take a closer look at QR codes. These dots are the ones that are read when the scanner is reading the QR code. Once the scanner has been set to read the QR code, an error-correction feature is used until the image is interpreted correctly.

If you are wondering “how does a QR code work?” keep reading but first, a brief history.

History of QR codes

QR codes were first invented by a corporation located in Japan known as Denso-Wave. These codes were created to be used in the manufacturing industry as they made it possible for components to be scanned at high speed. Even so, their use has advanced and they are now used on a broader context, which still includes in the manufacturing industry.

This increase in use can be largely attributed to the increasing number of smartphone users. QR codes are thus used to display text, add vCard contacts, open URIs, and compose emails and so on. Users of these QR codes also have the ability to create their own QR codes without having to pay other people to do so.

To generate a QR code, all you need to do is access an online QR code generating website such as visualead. There you will come across some generators that offer free and paid-for services for generating QR codes.

How does a QR code work?

  • You first need to be in possession of a smartphone.
  • Go online and look for the most suitable QR code generator for your OS.
  • You can start by looking for a free QR code generator and/or scanner to test how QR codes work.
  •  There are some scanning apps that will take the QR code’s picture then scan it while in the phone’s system. Others will just scan directly.
  • Launch the QR code scanning app and follow the prompts or try taking a picture of the QR code.
  • When you do so, the scanner will start working and it will take a few seconds to give you the results like a redirection to a predetermined URL.
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