How do you get a QR code?

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how do you get a qr code

In these technologically advanced ages, it is possible for one to scan quick response codes using smartphones. This is because most smartphones come with ready to use QR code scanners. This is done via the phone’s camera. QR codes are synonymous with mass production. Initially, they were used in Denso-Wave, a cat manufacturing company in japan for tracking inventory. However the use of these QR codes has broadened and they are now used in marketing, advertising and for personal use. While these quick response codes work in the same way as barcodes, they have a few differences with the barcodes. QR codes are 2dimension meaning they have the capability to hold more information than barcodes. This makes scanning QR codes easier. To scan a QR code, simply bring the ode under the camera lens focus and take a snap shot of the code. The code scanning application scans the code and displays the info in the code on your smartphone’s screen.

How do you get a QR code – Different personal uses of QR codes

There are several ways you can make use of QR code for personal use. These include:


It is possible for you to embed codes with links to texts to your favorite images, sites and music. You can transfer these codes to hats, mugs and even t-shirts or even on baby gear.This is a great way of sharing your favorite stuff with friends and anyone who scan the code.

Green ticketing

You can use QR codes as way of registering people for tours or programs. This is an easy way of reducing the use of paper for making the tickets to these events.


You can use QR codes to get messages to your friends on social media. You can create the QR code and make it available on your Facebook page for your friends to scan and read the info in the code.

In order for you to use these codes in the way you want, you need to know how to create them.

How do you get a QR code – how to make QR codes

If you are wondering how you can get a QR code, all you need to do to use a code is to create one. Creating a QR code is easy once you find a reliable QR code generator online.

To create the QR code:

  • Go to the QR code generating site.
  • Enter the information you want to embed on the code and click on create QR code.
  • Test the code.
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