How do I scan QR codes?

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how do i scan qr codes

For the last few years, QR codes have become quite common. You have probably come across a quick response code during your busy schedule. These codes are figuratively everywhere.Quick response codes look like square matrixes. They are used to hold information mostly about brands or businesses. Historically, QR codes were first heard of and used in Japan. They were created for the purpose of tracking cat parts inventory in cat manufacturing companies. For many years, these codes were only thought to be of benefit to the car manufacturing industry. This was mainly because creating and using these codes required a lot of resources. After many years of technological advancements, QR codes are now being used in many other parts of the world and they are not limited to car manufacturing world. These codes are especially common in the world of advertising and marketing. For you to be able to make perfect use of these codes, it is essential that you learn how to use them.

How do I scan QR codes – How QR codes work

While most people have been seeing quick response codes almost everywhere they look, not a lot of people understand what these codes are all about. Worse still, these codes do not come with ‘how to use’ manuals and this makes it even harder for the consumer. Even so, QR codes work in an easy to understand concept. First, QR codes are simply improved versions of barcodes. This means that they work in the same concept as barcodes. QR codes are created through the use of online resources known as QR code generators. These are software programs used to generate quick response codes. Once created, one needs to scan the code to be able to see the info embedded in them. QR code scanners are used to scan these codes. These scanners are available in the form of mobile applications that can be downloaded into smartphones for use.

How do I scan QR codes – the answer

Since you can use your smartphone to scan these codes, all you have to do is bring the QR code into focus under the smartphone’s camera. Your camera acts as the scanner while the QR code scanning application decodes the quick response code. The information in the quick response code is displayed on the phone’s screen for you to see.

It is important to note than you need to download the QR code scanner for you to be able to scan these codes using your smartphone. Even so, there are some smartphones that come with readily installed QR code scanners.

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