How do I get a QR code

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How do I get a QR code

In order for you to really understand how to use QR codes, you need to understand a little bit about their history. For those who do not know, QR codes are simply 2d codes used mostly in marketing and advertising. However, this was not always the case. These codes were first heard of in the mid 90s in Asia. The Japanese were the first to use QR codes and they were used in manufacturing industries to track inventory. However, their use only went global less than a decade ago. This is because many people were using 1d QR codes by that time and using QR codes required one to have a high quality QR code reader as these 2d codes are quite complex. The widespread use of the internet has promoted the use of QR codes since it is possible to scan 2d QR codes using online QR code scanner programs. Also, the use of smartphones has inspired the use of QR codes since these phones can be used to scan the codes. All one has to do is download a QR code reader to the smart device to be able to scan a QR code. Even so, some smartphones come with ready to use QR code readers. It is best to find out if your smartphone has a ready to use reader before downloading one.

How do I get a QR code – How to create a QR code

In order for you to use a QR code, you need to create one. For you to make a QR code, you need to find a reliable QR code generator. These generators are available online. Visualead is a type of QR code generator you can find online. Once you have a reliable QR code generator, all you have to do is enter the information you want to include in the QR code and click on create QR code. Your QR code will be created and you can avail it to your clients. It is advisable to first test the QR code before availing it to your audience to ensure it works effectively. It is also a good idea to ensure that your QR code can be scanned with the majority of the QR code scanners available for the different smartphones.

How do I get a QR code – how to use a QR code

Once you have successfully created your QR code, you can use it for marketing and advertising your brand. QR codes can be placed on just about any marketing material. If you use electronic media, you can use QR codes on your website or on your social network page. On print media, you can place your QR codes on flyers, magazines, price tags and even in newspapers.

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