How do I generate a QR code?

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how do i generate a qr code

In today’s ever evolving world, it is not so hard to believe that a technology once created with the sole purpose of benefiting the automotive world would grow to become a marketing and advertising technology. This is exactly what happened with quick response codes. For those who are not familiar with these codes, they are simply 2dimension or 3dimension types of matrix codes that can store a lot of information on just about anything. These codes were initially developed as tracking technology for automotive industries in Japan. After the creation of smart devices, the use of the codes went global. Today, it is possible to make use of these codes in any way you deem as fit. This is because smartphones can be used to scan these codes.

How do I generate a QR code – More on QR codes

Quick response codes can be scanned using barcode scanners. These scanners can these days be found in smartphones and smart devices. The good thing about quick response codes is the fact that they are quite versatile. This makes it easy for users to store any type of information in these codes. QR code scanners are simply reading applications that work in the same way as the barcode scanners used in stores. QR codes work in the same way as barcodes even though there is one major difference; the amount of data that each type of code scan store. Barcodes are limited to the amount and type of information they can store. However QR codes can store different types of information and they have the capacity to store a lot of data per code. This makes QR codes ideal for use in other places other than on products in a retail outlet.

For you to be able to use QR codes, you need to create one. QR codes can be created using online free QR code generators. These are simply online software programs that allow you to create QR codes in little under a minute.

How do I generate a QR code – the steps by step guide

You can follow these easy steps to create your own QR code:

  • Find a reliable and efficient online QR code generator like visualead among others.
  • Go to the generator’s site and select the type of info you want to insert in your QR code.
  • Enter the info in the text box provides and click on create QR code.
  • Wait for the QR code to be generated and test it before availing to your audience.
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