Hi res QR code generator

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hi res qr code generator

QR codes have become more popular today than they were when they were first invented in the 1990s. Many business owners have found more than one use for QR codes. Also known as quick response codes, QR codes are types of bar codes that are two dimensional. The information that is stored in barcodes is usually encoded. The QR code needs to be scanned in order to decode the information in it. QR codes types of barcodes can be scanned using a smartphone or a QR code scanning application.

What then is difference between QR codes and bar codes? QR codes are two dimensional, while barcodes are one dimensional. This means that QR codes can be able to store more information than bar codes can.

Making high resolution QR codes: hi res QR code generator

Making a high resolution QR code is very easy. With the help of QR code generators that are available online, you only need to follow simple steps to create your own QR code. Ensure that the QR code generator that you have selected is from a reliable source. Below are some of the things that you should look for in a high resolution QR code generator:

  • The QR code generator should allow you to create high resolution images.
  • It should allow you to customize your QR code to one which represents your brand best. This means that the QR code generator should allow you to include color, logos, effects etc to your QR code.
  • The generator should allow you to embed any information that you want in the QR code, and this includes your website.
  • The generator should have a tracking system that allows you to keep a close eye on the progress of the QR code on matters concerning how frequently it is scanned.
  • The QR code generator should be easy to use’

How to use high resolution QR codes

Over the years, people have found more than one way in which they can use QR codes. Business people are using QR codes as a form of marketing. However, this does not mean that QR codes can only be used by business owners. People can use QR codes on their virtual business cards, embed their social media profile in them, print the QR codes on t-shirts or print them on magazines. Since these codes do not limit your usage, you can be as creative as you wish to be.

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