Health QR Code – Storing Your Vital Information


QR Codes are an excellent way to access information quickly and easily and they don’t even require you to be online to do so. You can use your QR Code to access your information in an instant when you need it, but when you don’t, it is stored safely in your QR Code. This can be especially useful for personal information which you would like to have ready access to but would rather not have stored as a note in your wallet or in your iPhone.

Introducing – The Health QR Code

One way of utilizing this option for storing personal information is the Health QR Code. When using the Health QR Code, all you have to do is store your important medical details in your Health QR Code which can be printed as a sticker in your wallet or on your phone which can later be accessed easily by doctors or paramedics in any case of a medical emergency. All the critical information – blood type, emergency contact number, underlying medical conditions and medication that you’re taking – information which can save your life at the right moment – can be saved in your Health QR Code.

Visual QR Code

Most people would rather not write down their personal medical information where it could be easily seen and read by anyone, and that is a great advantage of the Health QR Code which stores the information in a code which can only be accessed by a QR Code scanner app. This is also a good way for family members to share this information with each other and as QR Codes can be updated continuously, you can continue to update this information as well.

Health QR Codes are a good example of an unconventional way to utilize the QR Code’s advantages as a quick and easy offline-to-online call-to-action which can be used by individuals for personal uses and not just by businesses or for marketing purposes.  Visit Visualead and use our Text QR Code option and the symbol-of-medicine image to create your own Health QR Code.


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