Having a qr code vcard

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qr code vcard

Having vcards has become almost compulsory for any business owner. Vcards have also become excellent places to include qr codes. This is seen as one of the ways to provide your business associates and potential clients with quick access to your contact details and your business website too. This website should house current business information that is downloadable to the vcard.

Qr code vcard – Decision to make before including a qr code on your vcard

Before you decide to have a qr code on your vcard, it is important to figure out a few issues. First, it is important that you determine how often you would like to change the information available through your vcard qr code. With this information, you will be able to determine whether you require a dynamic or static qr code. This decision will determine the kind of link you have on your qr code vcard. Your vcard can have qr codes with either contact codes (static codes) or URL codes (dynamic codes). Static and dynamic codes have a few differences as outlined below.

Qr code vcard – differences between static and dynamic codes

Contact codes are static codes by nature. You can easily create these types of codes from a generator’s homepage. You can include all the information you would like to be carried on the link. Static codes link directly to the contact details without having to redirect to a website. However, once a static code is created, it cannot be altered. If the contact information should change, you would have to create a new qr code.

Url codes are a type of dynamic code. Dynamic qr codes always work best with URLs. With these codes, you do not have to enter specific details. This code is linked to a sub-site or a webpage that carries your contact information. The advantage with dynamic codes is the fact that you can change the linked website info as often as possible without having to change your code.


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