Terrify Your Guests with a Halloween QR Code

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Halloween is just around the corner and feelings are running high as people are busy scouring vintage shops for unique costume ideas and eyeing the plump pumpkins which are on display in the supermarkets. People are hoarding candy as if they’re stocking up for an upcoming famine epidemic, teenagers are getting their toilet paper and eggs ready for their yearly celebratory rampages and fathers are busy sharing Jack-o’-lantern carving techniques. In short, the holiday spirits are ready and waiting! Here are some cool tips for using QR Codes to boost your holiday spirit.

Creepy Halloween QR Code ideas

* The fact that Halloween is almost here means that so are the Halloween parties! Give a ghoulish twist to your party invite by adding in a Halloween QR Code which will lead your invitees to a scary YouTube video when scanned. More practically-minded hosts might prefer to have their Halloween QR Code lead to an RSVP form (easily created by using the Form QR Code option) or a Waze QR Code to provide directions to their event.

* Looking to spice up your haunted house? Include a Halloween QR Code to your special effects to send frightening messages or links to spooky videos or website to your terrified guests when they scan it.

* Unsatisfied with your Jack-o’-lantern’s sinister leer? Test your artistic abilities to the hilt and carve a QR Code into your pumpkin’s tender flesh. We don’t guarantee scannability but you certainly will use up enough pumpkins to be able to bake a lot pumpkin pie!

* For those who wish to take their love for QRs one step further (than natural), you can choose to outshine even the most creative costume by proudly wearing your QR Code as your Halloween getup. Just make sure that you’re using an attractive Visual QR Code and be prepared to be scanned a lot!

Have some more spine-chilling ideas to share with us? Post them in the comments below!

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