Get your Customers Online with Visual QR Codes – Cyber Monday 2014

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The weekend is here and the excitement is building up.  As all gadget lovers probably know – Black Friday 2014 is the real dessert of Thanksgiving dinner with crazy discounts that can even reach up to 85% off for all kinds of electronic devices. But for everyone who prefers their objects of desire to be softer and prettier than your average tablet, there’s more to the weekend of shopping than Apple frenzy. Cyber Monday awaits us all on the 1st of December 2014 with the hottest fashion deals available online, right on time for setting your winter wardrobe in order.

Visual QR Code

QR Codes and clothes go a long way back – just type in QR Code t-shirt and see how many results spring up. The idea of using them for clothing labels is also popular as they are a great way to cram a lot of data – style, website, washing and drying instructions – in a small space, instead of stitching in long scratchy tags. But for anyone who’s anyone in the fashion business – probably the best use for Visual QR Codes is for helping you promote your amazing fashion deals this Monday.

As its name implies, Cyber Monday is a virtual, online-only day of sales and discounts. Get your customers online with Visual QR Codes who are known to be the best offline-to-online call-to-action available in the market today. Add a QR Code to every product on sale which your customers can simply scan to add to their shopping carts, without going through the regular hassle of searching for it on your website.  Visual QR Codes can give your business an edge because they allow you to merge clear, attractive call-to-actions with your QR Code so that customers know what to expect from scanning your code.

Black Friday might be starting soon, but that doesn’t mean that you should sit back and wait for the sales to begin! Get your QR Code campaign in the air now so that everything will be ready for Cyber Monday. Got any questions or special ideas? Feel free to Contact Us.

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