Generate Qr Codes – Generating QR Codes Easily

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Generate qr codes

Quick response codes, or qr codes are simply a type of bar code. However, they differ from the normal bar codes in that qr codes have the ability to store much more information than bar codes. qr codes are square shaped matrixes that have embedded information. The only way to know what a qr codes is carrying is by scanning the code. In the past, you were able to scan qr codes using bar code scanners. However, things have really changed. Today, it is possible to use your smartphone to scan a qr code. This is because smartphones are created with the ability tom down load qr scanners and to scan qr codes using the camera feature. Once you scan the qr code, you are able to see the information carried in the code. qr codes can carry different information types. It is possible to embed business contacts, urls, promo deals and coupon codes among other business related information on the qr code.

Generate qr codes – choosing a qr code generator

To be able to use qr codes, one needs to create the first. It is possible to generate qr codes using online free qr code generators. Choosing the most ideal qr code generator can be tasking. There are three things you should look for in a good qr code generator.

Code redirection

A reliable qr code generator should be able to create codes that redirect your links to landing pages efficiently.


This is important of you want to have the ability to create codes efficiently.  A good generator should be able to create one code in less than a minute.

Easy to use

The most ideal qr code should have an easy to use interface. This makes it easy for you to create codes even with no previous knowledge of qr codes making.

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