Generate Qr Code Free; Learn All About Generating QR Codes

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Generate qr code free

While the introduction of qr codes to the world was not received with a lot of hype, today, they have grown to become some of the most used marketing strategies. This is because qr codes can carry just about any marketing message. What’s more, creating qr codes is quite easy. All one needs is a qr code generator. These generators are easily found online. Some of these qr codes generators are available for free. All you have to do is access the generator’s website and start creating your codes. Before you create qr codes using these free qr code generators, you need to the know the various ways you can use qr codes.

Generate code free – different ways is using qr codes

2014 is already here with us and there are several creative ways you can use qr codes. These ways are listed below.

On business cards

It is possible to use qr codes on your business cards, whether virtual or non-virtual. These codes can be places alongside the wording on your business card or they can be included at the back of your cards. It is also possible to embed all information on the qr code and have the entire card’s surface covered by the qr code.

On restaurant menus

If you run a restaurant, you can have the qr code embedded on the menu. This code can carry special discounts awarded to clients to scan it. It can also carry recipes for some of the foods you offer.

On billboards

You can also use these codes on billboards. This can carry company or brand details that are not included in the billboard.

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