Futuristic QR Codes

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Visual QR Code

When QR Codes first hit the market, their association with technology was obvious to the eye (they seemed to be a first-degree relative of the familiar and beloved supermarket barcodes). Unfortunately, this fact delayed their applicability for marketing as their appearance was off-putting and most people didn’t realize that this is a barcode that they can actually use.  But now that our ugly duckling codes have become swans in the form of Visual QR Codes, we can return to appreciating their technological aspects which are beginning to impact all sorts of different market fields. Check out some of the cool futuristic QR Codes that are setting the tone for offline-to-online usage around the world.

QR Codes are part of our future

In the hopes of increasing engagement between voters and their chosen parties, a British party which participated this year in the European elections, added a cute, themed QR Code to their ballot paper, leading to the party’s website when scanned. Can we just add – awesome!

Another innovative use for QR Codes is the hip new restaurant Glass Dance in Tokyo, Japan (which continues to live up to its title as the QR Code pioneer) which offers QR Codes on their menu that customers can scan to order. For restaurant goers, this is amazing news as now you can take as much time as you like to agonize over orders but waiters might not be so happy about it.

For parents we have even better news. This October, the superstore giant Target is planning on simplifying the whole torturous process of choosing presents for your children by adding QR Codes to their 20 most popular children’s items that parents can scan to ship to their home. To children, as all parents know, it’s the gift (and less the thought), that counts. Another toy + QR Code collaboration that’s going to hit the market is “Scanimalz” – plush animal toys that come branded with QR Codes that kids can scan to play games and monitor their animal collection. Parents might not be as happy with this gimmick as the previous one, as there are 30 toys to collect (on the other hand – that also solves the gift selection problem for the next couple years).

There are tons of other examples out there, but we’ll let you discover them on your own. But one thing’s obvious – QR Codes seem to be cropping up in all sorts of unexpected places and in the near future we’ll wonder how we ever got along without them.

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