Fun QR codes

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Fun QR codes

By now, most people know that a QR code is a type of bar code that is designed to be reads and scanned using a smartphone. QR codes were invented in the mid 1990’s. Back then, QR codes were used to track cars in Japanese car manufacturing plants. Over the years, more people have found more than one way in which they can use QR codes.

In 2009, most people viewed QR codes as some super geeky technology, and the people paying attention to these codes were very few. However, a lot has changed since then. Many people are today using QR codes, and especially those in business. Business owners are using QR codes to save information about themselves, their products and their business. Information saved in a QR code is usually of great importance to their clients and potential customers. The information in a QR code is usually in encoded form. This means that a customer has to scan a QR code to decode the information contained therein. Business owners are using QR codes as the latest form of mobile marketing. Read on and learn how you can create your own QR code.

Fun QR codes – how to create QR codes

Creating a QR code is both very easy and fun. All thanks to QR code generators that are available over the internet. The QR code generator that you select should be compatible with your computer’s operating system and at the same time the QR code type that you intend to create.

After selecting an ideal QR code generator, enter that relevant data that should be contained in the QR code. This can be done in the text box provided by the generator.

Fun QR codes – customizing your QR codes

Customizing a QR code to make it look different to all the other QR codes that are created is actually the fun bit of creating a QR code. You can add some color and effect on your QR code to make it look more attractive and more interesting. Business owners can also include their business logo or an image in their QR code. According to research, colored QR codes and QR codes that have company logos or images attract more people than plain QR codes. This in turn makes more people want to scan the QR codes out of curiosity.

You can start creating fun QR codes without any technical know how by using the right tool.

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