Free QR Code Tracking – Some QR Code Generators To Use

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Free QR code tracking

Social sites are awesome tools to use in this modern technologically developed world, especially as a marketing strategy. However, getting people to like your Facebook page is not easy. Worse yet is even to get them to write a review about your business. This is because many business owners prefer to use ads, flyers and even direct mail when trying to attract new customers. By using these methods of advertising, one thing is certain and it is that the amount of information they get to share is limited. As a result, this hinders complete engagement with customers and potential customers.

Imagine being able to market your business website on a business card or being part of a world where the sharing of information to market your business is not limited by paper or advertising space. That is what QR codes enable you to do. Better yet is that QR codes help cut down on expenditure. With your Smartphone, you can rely on its internet connectivity to search through and get the best code readers as well as places to buy them.

Free QR Code tracking- generators that will help you make a QR code freely

Good news is there are many QR code generators out there that come with paid-for versions as well as free ones. However, different operating systems have their own QR code generators. Below are some of the most used generators that help you make a QR code free :

  • Microsoft Tag
  • QR Barcode Scanner
  • Kaywa

What is the right size of a QR code?

Even so, there is a certain size that your QR code should be. The bigger the QR code, the easier it becomes to be scanned. Unfortunately, many barcode readers read small QR codes. Even so, that shouldn’t worry you. This is because you cannot put a big QR code on a business card. For this reason, it is advisable to use smaller codes. Smaller codes are more legible.

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