Free QR Code Maker – Using QR Codes For Marketing

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Free QR Code Maker

QR Codes have come a long way. There are now millions of people using these codes but question is, what does the future hold for qr codes? Well, the future looks bright for these codes as the number of users is expected to keep growing. The usage of these codes has changed over time as people find new ways of using them i.e. for online marketing and advertising.

Unlike printed posters or brochures, qr codes are marketing tools that can be created free of charge. There are many generators of these 2D codes for the different operating systems out there. All a person has to do is Google them. One of the things that make qr codes successful marketing tactics is the manner through which a marketer strategically uses them as part of a marketing plan.

How you can use qr codes for marketing

QR codes have indeed made life easy for most people. Example, ten years back, one had to place a newspaper ad if they wanted to promote a product or store. The ad encouraged marketers to call or visit your store if the customer wanted more information on the service or product. Flash-forward to today and you realize that you have the option of selling your services and products both offline and online. The best part is that, you can include the same amount of information on the printed editions to the online ad thanks to qr codes.

One of the major differences however, is that qr codes give you an option of including a lot of information; the amount of information you can share is not limited.

Free qr code maker-features to look for

When looking for a qr code maker, you need to ensure that it has the following features:

  • Has system alerts
  • Displays text
  • enables you to add events to the calendar
  • Opens URLs in browsers
  • Collects information eg for contact databases
  • Can send emails
  • Gives you a Geo-location
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