Free Qr Code Generator With Tracking

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Free qr code generator with tracking

Qr codes are simply 2d matrixes that allow you to store information regarding anything you want. This information can be reveled once the qr code is scanned. To scan qr c0odes, one needs a qr code reader. These readers can be downloaded from app stores and they also come preinstalled with smartphones. If you are planning on using qr codes for your business it is important to have a qr code tracking system in place. This is the only way for you to know whether the qr code is making any difference on your business. Qr code trackers keep the effectiveness of qr codes in check.

Free qr code generator with tracking – more about tracking qr codes

When creating qr codes, some qr code generators come with qr code tracking features. These are the best generators to use. Once your code is created, you can begin to track it immediately it is launched. Qr code trackers track results, they ensure how many people have visited your site and they also let you know where your qr codes are being scanned from. If your qr code leads your your website, you can be able to know how long the visitors spend on your website, what they look for and you also learn what has been most viewed on your website.

Free qr code generator with tracking – what qr code tracking service provider offer you

With the best qr code tracking service, you are able to:

  • Learn of the number of visits to your site in real time.
  • The total number of websites visited after scanning your qr code.
  • Types of smartphones and smart devices used to scan your  code.
  • The number of times the content on your website is share don social media.
  • The gender, age and interests of the people scanning your qr code.
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