Free QR code creators

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Free QR code creators

A lot of advancements in technology have taken place ever since QR codes were first invented. For this simple reason, the use of QR codes has been on a steady rise. Many people have found it easier to use QR codes today as opposed to back in the day when they were first invented.

The invention of QR codes took place in the ‘90s. These codes were first invented in Japan, and were only being used for one purpose, and that is tracking car parts in Japanese car manufacturing industries. QR codes are today being used as a form of marketing, and advertisement among other different ways that people are using the codes.

Free QR code creators – Get to understand QR codes

Having said all that, there are a few who still do not know what QR codes really are: QR codes are simply two dimensional bar codes that have the ability to save different types of data. This is the main reason that business owners have embraced QR codes as a form of marketing. They can save their email address, contact details, personal details and even link their official business website to QR codes for their customers to access. It is therefore very important for every business owner to ensure that they are not left behind by their competitors when it comes to marketing.

Free QR code creators – creating QR codes free

Creating QR codes has never been any simpler. You do not have to pay someone to create a QR code for you since making your own QR code only takes a few minutes of your time. There are tools that help to create QR codes. These tools are QR code generators. The generators are available for download on the internet. It is important that you select a QR code generator that is compatible with your operating system and one that can allow you to create the QR code type that you want to create.

Having found the ideal QR code generator, enter the data that you want to be contained in the QR code. Press the create QR code button and a preview of the QR code that you have just created will appear on the screen. You can use your smartphone to scan the QR code that you have just created so as to test how well it is working before you download and print it to the public.

Your customers and potential clients will only have to scan your QR code to view the information that is saved in it.

Get to learn more about generating QR codes using a free QR code creators.

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