Free Qr Code Creator – Creating QR Codes Using Free Generators

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Free qr code creator

So much has been said about qr codes and how they should be used. In order to ensure you make the perfect use of these codes, you need to get your facts straight. Qr codes can be the best marketing strategy for your business, especially now that most people are making use of smart phones to perform most of their tasks online. Actually, stats have it that half of the world’s use smartphones to access the internet. With qr codes, you can increase traffic to your website and also get your business contacts to more people. This is because qr codes can be scanned using smart devices to reveal the info embedded on them. Since most people are using smartphones, you can be sure that your qr codes will be scanned.

Free qr code creator – what are qr codes?

Well, qr codes can be defined as 2 dimension square matrixes that work the same as bar codes. The only difference between qr codes and bar codes is that qr codes can carry much more information than bar codes. These codes are very common in restaurant menus, magazines, subways and convenience stores. These codes are used to connect clients to websites directly without the need of typing URL addresses in address bars.

Free qr code creator -why should you use qr codes for your business?

  • When you place your qr codes in convenient locations, you will be able to drive traffic from your target audience to your website.
  • With qr codes, you can register new clients to your sms list.
  •  You can have more people signing up for your monthly newsletters directly.
  • With qr codes, you are able to ensure that your business contacts are Saved directly to your contents’ smartphones whenever they scan qr codes containing your business contacts info.
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