Free Online Qr Code Generator

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Free online qr code generator

Find out how to create beautiful QR Codes :


In case you wondering what qr codes are, these are simply 2 dimension matrix codes mostly used to carry information pertaining to a company or brand. These qr codes are in a square shape and information is embedded in them. In order to view the message in the qr code, one needs to scan it using a qr code scanning applications. Most smart phones come with preinstalled scanners. If yours does not have a preinstalled scanner, you can simply download one from your phone’s app store.

Free online qr code generator – where can qr codes be placed?

Qr codes are flexible types of matrixes in that thy can be sued in different platforms. You can include a qr code on your business card. This qr code can be used on visual or non-visual business cards. It is also possible to use qr codes on restaurant menus and even on billboards or advertisement material. In order to be able to use qr codes, one needs to create them. The best way to create qr codes is by using online generators. It is possible to come across free online qr code generators that allow you to create qr codes for free.

Creating qr codes using a free online qr code generator

For most people, the ideal of creating qr codes sounds like a strenuous activity. However, it is not as hard as it sounds. All you have to do is look for an ideal free online qr code generator. Once you have the qr generator, you need to go to the generator’s website and follow the steps to creating a qr code. All you have to do is enter the message you need to embed in the qr code and click on the create code button. Your qr code will be created for free.

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