Free Custom Qr Code Generator – Customizing QR Codes

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Free custom qr code generator

By now, most people, especially those in the marketing industry, know about qr codes and their effectiveness to marketing. These square shapes matrixes can be found almost everywhere, from being used on subway tickets to restaurant menus and magazines among many other places. The usual black and white qr codes have become quite common and frankly boring. Statistics show that people are more likely to scan customized qr codes than they are to scan ordinary black and white codes. For this reason, it is a good idea to use customized qr codes on your marketing campaign if you want to attract more clients.

Free custom qr code generator – customizing your qr codes

In order to create your own customized qr codes, you need to look for a reliable and ideal custom qr code generator. There are numerous generators online with some being offered at a premium whole others are free. Using a free custom qr code generator is easy and reliable. With basic computer skills you can create your very own customized qr codes.

How to create customized qr codes using a free custom qr code generator

To create your own customized qr codes, you can follow the following guide:

  • Choose the content you want the qr code to carry. This can be in the form of contact details, text or even a url address.
  • Use the best free custom qr code generator to make your code. There are numerous you can choose from online.
  • Save your qr code and open it.
  • Insert your company logo into the qr code image.
  • Save your code.

It is important to note that there are some parts of the qr code you should not change. These are the areas that represent the timing, position, the quiet zone and the alignment of the code.

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