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Chances are, you have heard of QR codes. If you have not QR codes, also known as Quick Response codes, are 2D/matrix barcodes that normally consist of black modules that have been arranged in square patters sitting on a white background. The information that is encoded in a QR code could be, but is not limited to, short text, URLs or some other data. This information is read using a dedicated free code scanner and a smartphone camera.

You can create a QR code and link it to your email address or website. Luckily, there are many different apps that have the ability to read QR codes and other codes. So, you probably know how to scan a QR code but do you know how to create a QR code? The process is also fairly easy.

Free Code Scanner

Free code scanner – How you can go about creating a code for your business

  • The first step is to identify a reliable QR code generator. The good thing is that there are many available online to choose from. A good example is visualead.
  • The next step is to create the code you want. Let’s say, you want to make a QR code. You simply open the QR code generator and follow the prompts given to making a code. Many of the generators available normally have this feature since they assume that everyone using their services is a newbie.
  • Next, you need to design the QR code. Make sure that the design you settle for is one that best represents you image brand. If you also want to incorporate an image in the code, you can use your business’ logo as the image. That way, people will be able to identify your code with ease.
  • The next step is to link the QR code. This is where you decide what you would like your users to get when they scan the code. You can link it to your business website. You can also include some information about your business and location in the code. The possibilities of the things you can include in the code are endless.
  • Lastly, test the code before printing it.

Free code scanner – Apps that will help you scan barcodes

There are many apps that can be used to scan a barcode. Some of them include: scan 2.0, Barcode Express Pro, Entry Manager, Time Station, My Fitness Pal, Smoopa Shopping, Consumer Reviews, BuyVia, and Scan to Spreadsheet.

Whichever scanner you use, it is ideal to ensure that it offers efficiency, and reliability.

Learn how to choose a free code scanner.

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