Free Barcode Scanner

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Some people have called them the greatest invention of modern technology. As much as this might sound like an implausible hyperbole, barcodes have earned their place when it comes to indispensable tools used by many different businesses from all over the globe. Even though much of the world was not revolutionized by the first introduction of barcodes, barcode scanners have made a fortune for barcode scanner manufacturers and enterprises.

Free Barcode Scanner

Free barcode scanner – Barcode scanners manufacturers

Indeed, the manufacturers of barcode scanners have enjoyed and sustained tremendous profit. In the current world, barcode scanners are almost a must have no matter the industry or business you are involved in and their demand never seems to wane.

Barcode scanners are mostly used in retail stores and supermarkets. They are also mostly used in retail stores to take stock of inventory, in libraries to check books, to track shipping movement and manufacturing and even to sign in at work.

Free barcode scanner-some advantages that come with barcode scanners

Before we learn of the benefits of barcode scanners, you first need to understand that there are various barcode scanners used nowadays. They include:

  • Laser scanner: This is a very fast barcode scanner as it is able to perform about 500 scans per second. It also has the ability to efficiently work even when it is far away from the barcode. There are other laser scanners that can scan a code that is even 30 feet away and do it efficiently.
  • Image scanner: also called a camera reader, image scanners have a lower price as compared to the laser scanner. It is made with an in-built video camera which captures images from a barcode. Once the image has been captured, the next step is to decode it. To do so, this scanner employs a digital processing system. It can scan a barcode that is as far as 3 inches away.

Barcode scanners come with several advantages like, they are faster as compared to a human when it comes to encode and decodes data. Example, a pen-wand can scan barcodes that have 12 characters simultaneously whereas a human data encoder only has the ability to perform 2 key strokes.

Barcode scanners also provide accurate data thus preventing admission of invalid data entries. This means that all the information given after the barcode has been decoded is accurate and very reliable. Barcode scanners also have low system cost compared to other systems used for data entry.

Learn how to choose a free code scanner.

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