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Many investors are now trying to cut down on expenses associated with doing business. That is why many of them will be seen spending their money on affordable technologies. One such example is the use barcode reader that has the ability to read different types of barcodes and can be used in many different ways.

A barcode reader is an apparatus that is utilized to store and also read information that has been encoded inside a barcode. A barcode scanner can either be a fixed or handheld type. There are currently three major components of each barcode reader. These components are:

  • The cable
  • The scanner
  • The decoder
Free Barcode Reader

The three components of each free barcode reader

The cable is the one that is used to attach the reader to a PC using various mechanisms like a wedge, serial port or a keyboard. The reader/scanner is the one that converts light to electrical energy. The decoder can either be external or internal. It converts electrical energy, converted from light, to data of letters and numbers. The information/data is then forwarded to a computer where it is analyzed by software.

Free barcode reader-Types of barcode readers

Barcode readers come in several types namely:

  • Wireless readers: Also called the data collector and mobile computer, the wireless barcode scanner is quite essential in data collection especially when the data is not near a computer. This device is versatile for capturing sophisticated information. It can be used by different Operating Systems like Linux, Palm and Windows Mobile. This is the only barcode reader that gives the user mobility advantage. In other words, you can leave your compute and still be able to capture data.
  • Slot scanner: This is a fixed barcode reader. Its main use is reading barcodes that are on identification cards. A slot scanner is most useful in offices where there is time-check or where employees need to log in.
  • The CCD or Charge Couple Device: This barcode reader is the one you will find in many retail stores. It provides read-extent and improved scanning compared to open wand. It is an interface device that looks like a gun and for the barcode to be scanned; it should be carried about an inch away from the barcode.
  • Pen wand: As the name suggests, this is a wand-shaped or pen-shaped device that is durable and economical. Considered to be the simplest of all barcode readers, a pen wand’s tip needs to be moved across the barcode using even and steady motions. The pen tip should have direct contact with the barcode you are scanning.

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