Free Barcode Generator

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Barcodes are making a big buzz in the world of technology. They are now used on a much wider scale; from tracking business items to collecting marketing campaign data, these codes are everywhere you look. As a matter of fact, there are many internet sites that provide you with a free barcode generator.

Giving free barcode generators makes barcodes awesome cost-effective tools for driving traffic to a website. These no-charge barcode generators also make it easy for business owners and entrepreneurs to track the exposure their products and services are getting.
There are various websites that offer these free generators for barcode creation. Some of these sites provide generators for making 2D barcodes and standard linear barcodes. If you have never tried using an online barcode generator, you will be surprised at just how simple using these generators is. The process itself is simple.

Free Barcode Generator

Creating barcodes using a free barcode generator

When using a free online barcode generator, you first need to know the specifics you want in the barcode you are about to create. Many barcode generators normally provide you with different formats of standard barcodes to choose from. They include:

  • UPC A 2 and 5.
  • US Postal
  • Ean 8 and 13
  • Code 39
  • Code 128

There are also some two-dimensional generators that provide you with a choice between QR formats and Data matrix. Once you have settled on the type of barcode you want to create, you will then have to choose the barcode’s output.  The output can either be PNG or JPG file formats. The additional customizable formats include the height, width and font type of the barcode you are about to create. Lastly, you will have to enter the data you want encrypted in the barcode. This is the data you want the scanners of that barcode to get.

Free barcode generator – 1D and 2D barcodes

An evident difference between 2D barcodes and 1D linear is in their appearance. Example, 1D linear code is made up of quite a few vertical bars that have data encoded within them. 2D barcodes has images that look like random pixels but also have data encoded inside.

Even though 1D barcodes have been in existence for the longest time (of all barcodes), they are now being phased out as more and more people find 3D and 2D barcodes to be more convenient to use. One major convenience that comes with 3D and 2D barcodes is their ability to be scanned by smartphone cameras using smartphone apps.

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