Form QR Codes – Saving Time and Trees

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One of my favorite things about QR Codes are their incredible flexibility – because their main advantage is their ability to transfer the scanner from the offline to the online with each scan of a mobile phone, there are many destination options for the QR Code, far beyond the simple URL QR Codes. One such example is using QR Codes for gathering information from your customers by using Form QR Codes – an excellent option which makes engaging with your customers that much easier and quicker, not to mention more fun.

Introducing – Form QR Codes

You can use the Form QR Code for any purpose of gathering information that you might need from the people around you – from your customers, your workers or even your colleagues! It’s so fast and simple you’ll wonder how you haven’t used it before – all you have to do is scan the QR Code, fill in your details according to the fields that you designed and presto! The information will be sent to your email.

* Keep track of attendance – One great example that we’ve seen lately was a QR Code at a gym that people could scan to submit their details so that the gym could keep track of their attendance. Much better than filling out a form! A cool tweek to this idea would be to offer a prize to the customer who had the highest attendance rate.

* Collect surveys – Ever had to pass out a survey to a group of people? If you use our Form QR Code, instead of passing out loads of printed surveys and pens, simply ask each person to scan your code and they’ll be able to fill out the form online and submit their answers straight to your email. This is great for casting votes as well.

* Signing up for participation – Give your workers or customers a quick and easy way to sign up for participation in events or contests by having them fill out your Form QR Code and send their details straight to your email.

Scanning a QR Code is much more fun than filling out a paper form and it’s a great deal simpler than printing out a bunch of forms (and a lot more eco-friendly :-)). Keeping track of information has never been so easy! Create your own right now!

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