First 5 commandments for Twitter.

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According to HowManyAreThere, Twitter has reached 500 million users this past March. According to the rate of growth, Twitter should be hitting 600 million members in no time.

ImageThe amount of interactive information at our finger tips is unimaginable. Global marketing can reach 500 million people with 140 characters! Where else can a company receive exposure to 500 million people for FREE?

Besides the business aspect of Twitter and its involvement in the recent revolutions that took place around the world, I believe there is one central reason why  Twitter is growing at such an explosive rate,  It’s the personal connection, the community, the ability to interact with awesome people who share their opinions and expertise in areas you might need their advice while offering yours when you can. The ability to connect, interact and learn from  500 million people across the globe is…awesome! .


The only detail that stands between you and 500 million other people is,


As a new Twitter enthusiast I have put together some do’s and don’ts when it comes to Twitter and and raising your follower count.

1. It’s called SOCIAL media so be social!


Don’t talk at them, talk with them!


Be a part of the community

Don’t order me to read your blog or like your page or follow you. Say hello! You are not talking to a computer and you do not want to come off sounding like a used car salesman! Be friendly. Remember it’s all about community and relationships. Don’t try to lead your followers, be a part of the community, talk to people not at people.

Build personal trusting relationships and don’t focus on number of followers.

2. Madonna is NOT going to answer you!

While it is possible to tweet the famous most of the time you are just be being a pain in their backside. I assume every one of the 500 million Twitter users would love to get a response from the rich and famous so what makes you different?

Be useful. instead of begging for a hello from Justin Bieber find out what his hobbies are? What are his interests? If you have something in common then blog it and tweet it, if not, don’t be a pain. Same goes for us regular folk. You want more followers? ask yourself one question; What do you bring to the community? Doesn’t mean you have to tweet and entertain your followers every time. Sometimes it’s best to listen and learn.

3. Don’t beg!

If you are on twitter to become popular I suggest you quite now.  I myself am guilty (on my first twitter account)  of trying to woo more followers in by tweeting; “I am at 999 followers, who is gonna number 1000?!”

Are you offering a full paid vacation for number 1000? If not, then why do you think I care?!

Relax, be interesting and fun and you will attract more followers. As the Jewish Talmud says: “when you run after respect, respect runs away” When I look at someone’s profile and see their last 30 tweets are follow requests I know to stay away.

4. Don’t tweet just to make noise.

If you have followers there is a reason they are following you. If you go quiet for an hour or even a day they will not leave you.  However, if you tweet every time you go to the bathroom or eat lunch just to prove you exist you might find yourself eating alone.My final big DON’T for Twitter is: Don’t use DM as a sales pitch! DON’T SPAM!

This is the most annoying, intruding and twitter ruining action you can possibly do. It’s bad enough when a real spammer hits Twitter, don’t turn yourself into a accidental spammer!

Don’t try to interest people in all kinds of products and deals. Don’t try to bribe them with all kinds of witty comments. YOU CAN’T BUY FRIENDS!

If you are running a business Twitter account, you better get with the times, it’s people that sell not the product or technology.  Like I sid it’s all about the PERSONAL connection and community.

Building a Twitter community takes time and patience. If you are in a rush you will not succeed in making connections or having the fun or being effective the way that Twitter intended. If you do however take the time to build a Twitter community, you will meet awesome people from across the globe and have a network that can effect every aspect of your life.

REMEMBER: Life is short but it’s much longer than 140 characters so HAVE FUN!

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