Facebook QR Codes – see how it works

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Initially used for industrial purposes, QR (quick-response) codes have become a fixture in the world of advertising. The use of QR codes has become increasingly ubiquitous, and almost all marketers agree that their power can be effectively harnessed with the right social media strategy. This is especially true in recent months, because QR usage on social media websites has soared exponentially, particularly on Facebook.

Much in the same way that many commercials on television now conclude with the mentioning of the brand’s Facebook page URL, it is now commonplace for QR codes to be found in printed ads.  For a brand looking to expand its presence on Facebook, QR codes can be a highly effective method of increasing their number of likes and followers.

Facebook Qr codes

The basic idea is to create a page built for mobile users—after all, QR codes are accessed almost exclusively through smartphones—that allows a user to easily “like” your brand. If done successfully, QR codes can become a valuable way to get users looking at an advertisement in the physical world onto your brand’s Facebook page.

The question becomes, how are you going to entice someone reading an advertisement in the physical world to click on one of your ads? To do so, it is recommended that you offer a tangible incentive to your customer for following through on your QR code. This could be anything ranging from a freebie, or a discount, or even entry into a raffle or contest that your brand is holding.

It’s important to realize that your brand’s Facebook QR code cannot directly cause a user to “like” your page—it can only lead the user to your brand’s Facebook page. In other words, one cannot avoid the step of creating an attractive and easy-to-navigate page for mobile users.

One way of attracting customers to follow through on a QR code is by asking a question and providing the answer only through scanning the QR code. Additionally, many brands have had success by creating polls that could only be answered from scanning through a QR code. Whatever your specific strategy, the goal is clear: to attain as many Facebook likes as possible, so that you can capitalize on these fans later on.

Once they have begun to follow your brand on Facebook, you will have a much easier time pitching to them in the future. By consistently providing your fans with valuable information and the occasional freebie, you will build a sense of customer loyalty that would otherwise be extremely difficult to produce. It is this customer loyalty, which may start from a simple QR code, which will ultimately allow your brand to become a success.

Moreover, you will be able to use your growing user base to reach out to their list of Facebook friends. For example, it is common for brands on Facebook to offer incentives to their fans to share links on their personal Facebook walls, much in the same way that you initially enticed them to follow through on your QR code. By capitalizing on a successful QR campaign on Facebook, your brand will see consistent growth in the number of likes it attains.

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Luckily, there is no need to have any serious technical expertise in order to properly execute a QR strategy. QR codes are extremely simple to create, and one can generate QR codes promptly and even for free from various online services. A simple search on Google will reveal that there is no shortage of options for those looking to generate QR codes, and many are geared towards the inexperienced.  

In effect, though QR codes may be seen as technologically advanced, they are in face quite easy to create and manage. By combining well placed QR codes with an effective social media strategy that integrates your brand’s Facebook page, you will be well on your way towards cultivating your loyal fan base. Ultimately, it is these customers who will be most significant in bringing about growth in your brand, making Facebook QR codes an opportunity not to be passed up.

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