Facebook Like QR Code page

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Get more Facebook Likes with a QR Code and a Facebook “Like and get a reward” mobile page


Our Facebook “Like and get reward” page is a great mobile activity to get more likes to your business Facebook’s page and grow your Facebook’s community. With this QR Code type you can attract and promote your customers to like your business and quickly and easily reward them for it.


  • Promote your customers to like you on Facebook
  • Reward customers with freebies or coupons when they like your page
  • An easy way for the customer to save his reward page and redeem it at any time
  • Track when a customer has indeed liked your page and is entitled to receive his reward

How to use your Facebook like QR Code:

  • Print it on your outdoor advertisements, flayers, newspaper & magazine ads
  • Put it on your front store window
  • Print it on your business giveaways and promotional activates
  • Print it on your business products
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