Event Tips: QR Codes on T-Shirts

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Marketers trying to get their message out have always gone to creative lengths, and this is especially the case in the day of mobile internet platforms and social media. One of the current trends is the explosion of QR codes, with marketers strategically placing them everywhere. QR codes can now be found in all types of contexts, and event planners have gotten on board as well by creating t-shirts with QR codes printed on them.

Why Print QR Codes on T-shirts?

One advantage is that QR codes are trendy, and they catch the attention of many who walk past them. This is true to the extent that there is even a complete clothing line known which produces all sorts of apparel with printed QR codes. Their apparel sells for a very clear reason: it catches the eyes of many people, and that’s exactly what those who wear QR coded t-shirts are seeking.

Moreover, QR codes are fun, and they can attract a younger and more hip crowd than traditional promotional materials. Depending on the audience that you’re targeting, QR codes may be a very effective medium for reaching out to potential users. They’re certainly a bit brazen, but that can be perceived as an attractive feature by many people.

An additional advantage is that printing QR codes on t-shirts is not an expensive endeavor, so there is little risk in your brand giving it a try. If printing t-shirts is already part of your brand’s strategy, then there is little reason not to go the extra mile and begin printing QR codes as well.

Oh, but Beware…

QR codes are all about reaching out to mobile web users who are constantly on the run. In this respect, printing QR codes on t-shirts fits exactly into this model. On the other hand, there are some disadvantages to printing QR codes on t-shirts which should be considered by marketers as well.

For one, QR codes are notoriously difficult to scan in the first place, which means that scanning a QR code off a t-shirt is no simple task. If the t-shirt wearer is moving, it will likely be nearly impossible for a QR reading app to scan your code properly. Moreover, the QR code is likely to fail if the shirt happens to be wrinkled too heavily. In this sense, in many circumstances the QR coded t-shirt is more of a gimmick than a practical marketing solution.

Moreover, it is possible that some users will react negatively to t-shirts with QR codes for a number of reasons. Some may find them to be flamboyant, while others may consider the idea of such a t-shirt to be too intrusive. Each marketer should first consider the preferences of their targeted audience before heading to the printing press.

Always Stay in Touch

Essentially, t-shirts with printed QR codes may very well serve a marketer in particular situations, but one should not generalize that it is a solid strategy in all circumstances. First get in touch with your users and figure out whether they will view the QR codes as a trendy fad or as an annoying gimmick. Finally, keep your fans happy by ensuring that the QR codes are as user-friendly to scan as possible!

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