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Don’t know how to celebrate your husband’s 50th birthday, your son’s Bar Mitzvah or your daughter’s graduation? While some people choose to celebrate their occasion with a laid-back barbecue picnic and others choose to honor their special someone in a formal hall complete with a dress code and all – all parties require an invitation and that’s where Event QR Codes come in. You can use your Visual QR Code to easily share your event’s details with your friends, allow them to RSVP and even give them handy information like the event’s location on Google Maps.

Event QR Codes

  • Keep it cool by issuing a QR Code invite that when scanned allows your guests to join the event on Facebook or RSVP in an instant.
  • Save your guests the lengthy driving instructions and simply add a Waze QR Code that will automatically open Waze when scanned, complete with directions to your event’s location.
Waze QR Code

Event QR Codes can help you organize your event

Organizing large events is never easy, especially when your event is a fundraiser with the specific purpose of encouraging your guests to donate money to your cause. When you’re engineering these kinds of events, ease and convenience should be your first priority – for yourself and for your guests. Visual QR Codes are a great way to do just that because they add an attractive twist to your distinguished event and they won’t detract from your carefully designed invitation’s appearance. Visual QR Codes on invites can help simplify the RSVP process, offer your guests program details and arrival instructions and most importantly – they can be used as a quick and easy way for your attendees and sponsors to donate to your cause.

  • Use a Visual QR Code that will lead your attendees to a mobile page or to download a fundraising app that they can use to donate to your cause with. QR Codes will encourage your attendees to donate because they’re fast and hassle-free and Visual QR Codes convey a look of innovation and visual appeal.
  • Add a Visual QR Code to your seating cards so you can provide your guests with your event’s online schedule.
Visual QR Code

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