Engage Customers & Increase in-Store Traffic

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In the past, big name corporations such as Walmart, Target and Victoria’s Secret have used QR Codes to engage customers, boost in-store traffic and increase sales. While a full fledged marketing campaign costs an arm and a leg, a Visual QR Code Campaign can give a big boost to in-store traffic, without spending the big bucks. Here are 5 ways to engage your customers with a Visual QR Code:

1. Show your customer the “Waze” to your business

Do you wish you had a way to chauffeur customers directly to your store? We set up a visual and user friendly way to do that! Here is what you do:

  • Go to our Do-It –Yourself QR Code generator.
  • Choose WAZE or Google Map.
  •  Insert the address or name of your business.
  •  Choose one of our images or upload your own.

Now you can download your WAZE or Google Map Visual QR Code, and post it in all your marketing material.
As soon as someone scans this Visual QR, the mobile app will immediately open and start giving turn- by-turn directions to your store!

2. Update your promotion 24/7 with no additional cost

Unlike coupons that cannot be changed once printed, Visual QR Codes can be updated daily for new deals and specials. It saves you money and creates an ongoing connection to your customers. Imagine displaying an ad on your business window that directs people to scan the code and find out the daily deal. You can save time and money while focusing your energy on creating offers that give both your business & customer great value.

     3. Interactive ‘VIP card’ to Boost In-store traffic

Take your membership card to the next level by including a Visual QR code. Your customers can easily scan the code to find out what deals they can get that day. Whether you lead your customers to an image gallery showing off the latest collection or to a daily discounts page, your customer will be updated and connected to your business.

 4. Boost your online buzz

Social media is a great tool to share great deals. There is no better marketing or advertising than a personal recommendation by word of mouth. Make it easy for your customer to share your promotional message, by giving them a QR code that they can scan to ”tweet”and publish your message on their twitter wall. Now you can predefine the content and have control over the message that will be shared.

5. Scan the QR Code and Win!

If there is one marketing campaign that all will agree is extremely effective, it’s reward marketing. A great way to use this tactic is by displaying a Visual QR Code ‘jackpot’ near the checkout counter. Right before your customer pulls out their wallet to pay, they cross their fingers and scan the ‘jackpot’ Visual QR code. One in every thousand scans, receives a 100% discount on their purchase! It is a hassle free way to engage your customers.


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