Dynamic Codes Vs Static Codes

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QR Codes, also known as quick response codes, are two-dimensional codes that have the ability to store information in different characters. This is the one thing that makes these square-shaped matrix codes different from the traditional barcodes.

Dynamic Codes Vs Static Codes

Dynamic codes

For most people, defining what dynamic codes are can be a problem. Simply put, dynamic QR codes are the QR codes that can be edited. In other words, you can change the primary destination the code redirects to without having to change the QR code pattern itself. Dynamic QR codes are also seen as fancy hyperlinks that operate in the same way as the clickable hyperlinks you see on web pages.

When a dynamic code is scanned, the pattern is deciphered by the scanner and then redirects the mobile device to a main destination URL. However, before it reaches there, it appears via a secondary or short URL. This URL is system generated. QR Code patterns are typically made from that secondary URL.

Since the secondary URL cannot be changed, the only way to edit a dynamic QR code is through the primary destination. The good thing is that when you edit the primary destination, the pattern of the code does not change. Therefore, if you had already printed the QR code and started its circulation, you do not have to worry about having to start the whole process again.

Dynamic codes vs. static codes

Unlike dynamic codes, a static QR code always goes to the primary destination. There is no short URL or secondary destination and this means that the code’s destination is unchangeable. What’s more, it is almost impossible to track a static code. This is because the code pattern is modeled in the primary URL. To change a destination, you will have to create a new QR code. This means having to re-print all material that has been circulated.

You can also make Static codes using plain text. However, a static code made from text has more patterns compared to a dynamic code. Other static and dynamic code facts include:

  • There are no URLs in text-based static codes.
  • QR patterns are made of the text i.e. the text is embedded in the patterns.
  • When more text is used, the matrix density becomes busier and stronger.
  • In many vCards cases, dynamic QR codes are used.
  • Dynamic codes are normally paid for via subscriptions. Part of that account provides you with access to static codes.
  • Static codes can have simple information like general text or a phone number.

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