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QR codes or Quick response codes are two dimension matrix codes that can be used to store important personal or business information.When it comes to business, these codes can be used on different platforms in an attempt of reaching clients. Actually, quick response codes or simply qr codes are excellent mobile marketing tools.As time passes, more business owners are becoming aware of the importance of using qrcodes for marketing. For this reason, these codes are mostly used on business cards, billboards, price tags menus and even on brochures and flyers.To read the information in the qr code, one simply need to have a qr code scanner. Qrcode pose a perfect opportunity for business to undertake mobile marketing cheaply. In order for qr codes trio work for your business, you need to learn how to use them in the right way.

Download qr code – the right way of using qr codes

These are the right ways of using quick response codes for maximum benefits:

  • Place your qr codes on locations where they can be seen and fully utilized.
  • Ensure that your website is optimized for use with mobile phones.
  • If you make use of a digital formattedqrcode, make sure the content is also in digital format.
  • Ensure your quick response code is big enough and clear enough for it to be scanned using low quality phones.

 Download qr code – the wrong uses of qr codes

Common bad uses of quick response codes include:

  • Using URL to carry links that do not lead to mobile friendly online content.
  • Using qr codes on billboards. The traffic is always on the move and drivers cannot have enough time to scan the codes.
  • Sending qr codes through mail.
  • Using them in subways where there is no signal.
  • Using them on airplane magazines, you cannot use your phone to follow the links.
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