Design Qr Code – Using QR Codes For Marketing

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Design qr code

Do you run a small business? In order for your business to survive amid competition from bigger companies, it is important to make use of different marketing tools as much as possible. Mobile marketing is happening at the moment at it is best to get ahead of it before other businesses catch up.  Mobile marketing can be done in different ways and one of these ways is by using qr codes. These are two dimension codes that work in the same way as bar codes. However, qr codes can be used to carry much more information pertaining to a business than bar codes can. When you use qr code marketing for your small business, you will be able to reach your clients far and wide through simple qr code scans using their mobile smartphones.

Design qr code – Qr code marketing tips for small businesses

To be able to enjoy using qr codes for your business, there are a few ways you can use them to boost your business.

These ways include:

  • On business cards – you can place a qr codes on your business card. This code can link directly to your website or it can contain your business contact info.
  • On fliers and banners – this is also a good way of linking your website to your marketing material. This code can direct users to how to videos, your website, and your promo page or even to coupons they can redeem on purchase.

Design qr code – what to put into consideration

If you have decided to use qr codes for your business, you need to remember that this is a new concept to most people. Do not assume that your clients know what qr codes are or how they work. It is a good idea to offer more info on how these codes benefit them and why they should use them. Also, recommend reliable scanner apps for those who do not have qr code scanners on their phones yet.

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