Custom Qr Codes – Customizing Qr Codes

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Custom qr codes

If you are the kind of person who is always looking for creative ways to keep your clients interested, you probably know all about using qr codes for your marketing and business sales. By now, the market is flooded with business and non-business owners who use qr codes for one reason or the other. This means that almost all qr codes look the same; black and white square matrixes waiting to be scanned. This has made them boring and most people are not always willing to scan them. To ensure your clients always look forward to your qr codes, you can customize them. By customizing them, you can add color and other aspects to set it apart from other qr codes. This will interest a lot of people and this translated to more virtual visits to your business.

Custom qr codes – how to do it yourself

When looking for flexibility for your qr codes, deciding to customize the codes yourself can be tricky. You will require basic PC knowledge to be able to create your codes. You also need to ensure that you work with a qr code that can be altered without affecting its scanning abilities.

Custom qr codes – To customize your qr codes:

  • Choose your content. This can be a contact address, text, URL address or sms.
  • Use online tools. There are numerous online resources that are easy to use. You can simply attach your content and create your code. It is advisable to set the error correction level to ‘H’ as this makes it easy for you to customize at least 30% of your code.
  • Save the code. After you have customized your code to your liking, you have to save it. All you have to do is right click on the image and click on ‘save as’ and save it on its bitmap version.

If you are not too certain about customizing your code personally, you can always seek the services of an expert.

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