Custom QR Code – Different Types Of QR Codes

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Custom QR Code

QR codes are fast growing as effective marketing tools. They are great tools to use when you want to give your customers more information about your business and also make the information easily accessible.

QR codes can be scanned using a smartphone and this explains the increase in popularity of qr code. Nowadays, majority of people from all over the globe own a smartphone and this automatically enables them to access qr code scanning apps.

By installing an app for qr code scanning, you can scan any qr code by using the phone’s camera. Good thing is, there are several qr code generators out there, some of the most commonly used being Delivr, Kaywa and Qurify.

The different types of custom qr codes available

  1. Dynamic code: This qr code is most suitable if you want to change content in your qr link without changing your qr code. It is also most ideal for codes that have URL addresses to the landing pages.
  2. Static codes: This is a type of code that is ideal for those looking to have a code that has physical address to a business or contact information. Here, if you wish to change the code’s content, you will have to change the code.

How having a qr code will be good for business

  • It makes it easy for customers to contact you thanks to the ability to share contact and physical address information.
  • QR codes increases traffic to your site since all the scans people make will be directed to your website.
  • It helps you attract new customers since it is a unique way of advertising. Customers are attracted by new things and want to be associated with them.
  • Qr codes also make it possible for you to turn all your customers to email subscribers.
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