Creative QR codes

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Creative qr codes

What are these black and white square boxes on a white background that you see everywhere? QR codes are square barcodes that can store encoded data. QR codes are mostly used by business owners, be it large business entities or small business entities. Business owners can use QR codes as a form of marketing.

QR code owners can save different types of data in a QR code. Be it website URLs, a text message, contact details, an email address among many other kinds of information. Depending on the type of information that is contained in a QR code, it will be decoded once a customer scans the QR code and will be saved in the device used to scan it. This way, QR code owners, who are mostly business owners, can be sure that their customers and clients will not lose the information that is contained in the QR code. This is why QR codes are ideal for business cards.

Creative QR codes – Different types of QR codes

Call a phone number type of QR code – this type of QR code allows you to enter a phone number when creating the QR code. When scanning this type of QR code, the users will be proposed to call the phone number that is contained in the QR code.

Plain text type of QR code – this is the simplest type of QR code. Once the QR code is scanned, the encoded raw text that is contained in it will be displayed on the screen. You can write just about anything in the text.

Business card type of QR code – this type of QR code includes a contact card that has your details. You can include your address, names, phone number, email address and so on in this QR code type. All this information is stored in the contact list of the smartphone that was used to scan it.

Dynamic QR code – this is the latest type of QR code, and the most commonly used. Some of its features include analytics tracking, OS – based redirection and editable URL. With this type of QR code, owners get to know how many times the QR code has been scanned and the time that the code was scanned. Dynamic QR codes also have a feature that allows owners to change the website that the QR code redirects users once it is scanned.

All the above types of QR codes can be customized by adding color and effect. The QR code owner can get as creative as they would like with all the above QR codes. Tools such as Visualead can come in handy.

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