Creating Direct Visual QR Codes

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‘How do I create a Direct Visual QR Code’ is one of the most popular questions we get from our customers (wondering what Direct codes are? Read here). Although Visualead’s default QR Code technology is Dynamic Visual QR Codes, many people are still interested in Direct codes, if only because they are unaccustomed to using QR Codes that are redirected via a shortened link. The advantages of Dynamic codes over Direct codes are many (for example, dynamic editing and analytics) but we believe that every customer deserves to receive exactly what they wish – especially when it comes to QR Codes. That’s why we’ve made Direct Visual QR Codes available for generation on our site and created this explanatory YouTube video with directions on how to create Direct codes quickly and easily.

How to create a Direct Visual QR Code

There are some important things to know about Direct codes – first of all, as written above, dynamic editing and analytics won’t work for Direct codes. Secondly – they can only be used to create QR Codes whose destination is a URL (that would include social media QR Codes). Thirdly – the URL is limited to 72 characters (this limitation includes all of the characters in the URL, such as the http:// prefix which is 7 characters long). And fourthly – they are created on our generator with the use of Direct Download Credits which you can either receive as part of the Advanced or Premium subscriptions or purchase separately from a subscription through your dashboard.

So now that you know all there is to know about creating Direct Visual QR Codes – you’re welcome to try it out! We would love to hear your comments on our video and any suggestions for new videos that you’d like us to create.

  • Please note that the Direct code is the code that is downloaded to your computer, not the code that remains in your dashboard.



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