Create your own QR Codes

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Create your own QR Codes

Quick Response (QR) Codes have gained global popularity and this has enabled artists and promoters to easily give access to their various materials to the many people who have access to smartphones. When it comes to materials to generate QR Codes, there are many available online and some of them offer free Quick Response Codes generation.

While some generators have limited options as to the type of QR Codes they can create, generators like Visualead give you more than eighteen different options to choose from. What’s more, such a QR Code generator provides you with free QR Code generation and in very easy to follow steps.

Create your own QR Codes – Using QR Codes

While there are many different opinion and options for the use of QR Codes, you have to be very careful on how you use them. If you use these codes correctly, a QR Code will give you all you expect. One of the best ways to use these two-dimensional codes is to give information rather than to give destination. Imagine a situation where you have a QR Code and are wondering whether you should embed a web page to your QR Code or give out your business’ location. Giving out info on a web page is more appealing to clients.

When you give out information about your services or products, you just might end up attracting the user’s attention enough for them to want to engage with your business further. However, you might give out location details but end up not receiving any visitors because;people will not go to a place they do not know what to expect.

An easy way to create your own QR Codes

The first thing you should do when you want to create your own QR Code is identify a reliable QR Code generator. The internet has many for you to choose from. Even though there are many different generators, the steps to creating a QR Code using these generators might slightly differ. So, here is how to generate a QR Code:

  • Go online to a generator of your choice example,
  • You will be provided with the type of codes your want to create. It can either be a list of a content field where you are supposed to fill.
  • Select the type of QR Code you want to generate and follow the provided steps or instructions.
  • Choose the design and size of QR Code then click on “generate”.
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