How to create a Visual QR Code

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Visual QR Code

Nothing makes life easier than a clear set of instructions. Even the simplest things can sometimes get complicated when we aren’t exactly sure what we’re doing. That’s why we’ve created a YouTube video especially for our clients, explaining how to create a Visual QR Code with Visualead’s generator, step by step. Scan the QR Code above or click the link below to watch it!

How to create a Visual QR Code

In our video, we show an example of how to create a URL QR Code (a Visual QR Code whose destination is a URL). You can choose to create a Visual QR Code by using an image from our gallery, or by uploading your own image from one of the files on your computer, as we do in the video. In the design page, we provide a description for each one of the design options and special effects that can be used for designing your Visual QR Code and explain how to move the QR Code within the image so that it is situated in the right place for maximum effect. Finally, we show how to download the Visual QR Code from your dashboard to your computer or how to choose to send it to yourself via email instead.

QR Code generators are abundant on the market, but Visualead is the only generator that allows you to create attractive and appealing Visual QR Codes which are a blend of QR Codes with images. This means that we’ve added a whole new dimension to QR Code creation as now designing your Visual QR Code’s look is an essential part of the creation process. We’ve made sure to provide you with lots of different design options so feel free to play around until you’re satisfied with your final result.

Have any ideas on how we can make the generation process even better? Have any special requests for another how-to video? Let us know in the comments below!

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