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With all the hype about QR codes, they have gained a lot of popularity. For this reason, most people already know what QR codes are and what they are used for. For those who are still clueless when it comes to QR codes, here is a brief introduction.

Create scan code

QR codes are types of barcodes that are two dimensional. These types of barcodes known as quick response codes (abbreviated as QR codes), were first invented in the 1990’s and were only used to track car parts. However, as the years pass, people came up with more than one way in which they could use QR codes. QR codes are today being used by business owners as a form of marketing. Business owners save information that they find might be relevant to their clients in QR codes. The information might be regarding a brand, a company or even an individual. What kind of information can be stored in a QR code? Business owners store contact details, emails addresses, links to their websites, text message, etc in encoded form.

Not only used in Japan as when they were first invented, QR codes have become a global phenomenon and are being used in any countries around the world.

Create scan code – how to download a QR code scanner

It is advised that you first take your time to review different types of scanners that are available on the internet and determine the type of QR code scanner that works best for you. This is because different scanners are compatible with different smartphones.

  • Using your smartphone, visit the app store and search for a QR code reader.
  • Once you find the most suitable QR code scanner for your smartphone, click on the download button so as to have it downloaded and installed on your phone.
  • After the installation process is over, you can start using your QR code scanner.

How the QR code scanner works

Once you have a QR code scanner already installed in your device, all that you have to do is launch it so as to begin using it. Once activated, scanning is as simple as taking a photo of the QR code that you want to be scanned, and allow the scanner to scan it. In a few seconds, you will be able to see the decoded information that was contained in the QR code. This information is automatically saved in the smartphone that was used to scan it.

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